About Us

F.F. ASSOCIATES is a specialist in custom clearance, logistics service provider handling all aspects of importation and exportation, warehousing and onward delivery independent and neutral, we are market leaders and experts in our field.

F.F. ASSOCIATES is a confluence of young minds and dynamic individuals, established with a view to bridge the gap and facilitates trade between Pakistan and the international community, hence adding value to our national produce and simultaneously carving a niche for itself with the passage of time.

The company's policy envisages all quality standards and the time schedules whatever are the needs of the customers and how stringent are the deadlines, our customer oriented management has the skills to handle the job with perfection. Our skills experience, dedication and services are focused towards meeting every need of our customer.

Commitment to our customer is the foundation of of our relationship. We believe in customer service and consider "time and commitment" the principles for a successful commercial venture, as well as a long-term commercial relationship, which is what we always look forward to.

Always expect 100% Customer Satisfaction and be assured of efficient and effective top quality services from us. The goal of our competence is accomplishment of your desire.

Our clients include global mail and distribution services, freight forwarders, wholesalers, retailers, courier companies and e-commerce businesses, moving shipments by air, sea or road.
We are your gateway to the world.
Number 1 ranking in custom clearance.

Your satisfaction is our business. We have become the industry leader by providing a Flexible ,reliable secure, timely and cost efficient service to every customer, big or small , local or global. We know that there are many ways to reach one's destination, But among those there is only one best way, one real solution. We research every project to find that real solution so that you keep coming back for more.

Expert Team:

Our specialized professionals with strong business and technical expertise will design customized strategies based upon your business needs . They will formulate lucrative methods to ensure that you function at optimum capacity and that your requirements are met through the most efficient and cost effective of ways.

Gain a single source of accountability

We manage your international shipments from door to door and communicate the status of your shipments every step of the way. We also provide you with expert advice and coordinate the optimal transportation solution from pick-up to final destination. With F.F. ASSOCIATES, you don't have to deal with multiple service providers, we make sure we understand your business, your shipping patterns and changes that could affect? Or benefit? You. We take full responsibility for your shipments.

Fast-track your shipments with priority release

F.F. ASSOCIATES works in complete harmony with governmental agencies and other principals involved with your consignment through its developed automated systems that integrate all our forwarding/trucking with customs brokerage departments, so your shipment can be released and moved efficiently and well taken care of while still in transit. You/Your supplier receive your consignments meeting even unrealistic deadlines.

Control your supply chain

F.F. ASSOCIATES understands that our client is the happiest when they have complete control and transparency. F.F. ASSOCIATES lets and helps you with analyzing and reviewing your current system, by identifying niches and opportunities towards a better financial future.

Receive information, reports and statistics on international markets and local fiscal authorities

F.F. ASSOCIATES believes in educating its clients for their benefit. Our experts regularly compile and send you date (relevant to your industry) that keeps you abreast of the latest happening and aspects that effect your commercial ventures directly and indirectly while helping you source new opportunities and venture.

Mission Statement

"To be a global leader in international supply chain solutions industry while sharing and developing cost controlled and efficient supply chain strategies to achieve agreed objectives and success while promoting integrated thinking and guaranteeing optimal value in the ever changing, dynamic market environment simultaneously possessing and implementing a strong set of core values built upon integrity, respect, honesty, safety and quality in our commercial ventures and sustaining excellent customer relationships, usually based around long-term partnerships."

Single-Source Solutions

F.F. ASSOCIATES with a diversified product line offers a complete range of supply chain solutions. Whether its customs brokerage, freight forwarding, trucking, warehousing, F.F. ASSOCIATES has its all in-house. Furthermore, all these solutions are handled by our specialized departments to furnish you with the best mode of transport, best negotiation with the customs, best carrier and the best shipment routing and service options to and from international markets. We will help you make your supply chain decisions that will increase your competitive edge, while eliminating costly delays resulting due to lack of co-ordination between carriers, custom brokers, forwarders and transporters (due to in-house availability of all these services, so you wouldn't have to deal with multiple service providers).

Obtain Single Invoicing

F.F. ASSOCIATES gives you a single invoice for all its services along with a summary of customs duties and taxes that you have aid that gives you a focused approach.